Monday, December 30, 2013

Narcissists and our Future

Narcissists and our Future

Again Dr. Vaknin delves into the depths of what Narcissism can mean to our society. Straight from the horses mouth. Yes Sam is an N. But not unlike all other Ns - he speaks to us from his mind. And his mind works a little differently from the rest of ours. Sometimes that can be very enlightening. so, here is my question: What kind of a future does humanity have?

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Stealth Narcissist

Some hope they will find their soulmate in this New Year - but BEWARE of ones like these, They are out there! They may fool you into thinking that you have found the mate of your dreams. In reality - they will become your nightmare and you will become another of their victims. While they are with you, they will be seareching for their next victim .... It could be your friend! I will continue to showcase the work of others who tell it better than I can. Because I find writing about these horrible creatures to be very distastefull as well as depressing.

I feel that this is the most dangerous kind of N. They learn their tactics all throughout their lives and they only get worse with age. There is NO CURE - only therapy will help. The stealthy ones speak with a forked tongue. They are hypocrites. They will fornicate with your own friends at the drop of a hat while putting you down and then blame it all on you. You can very easily find yourself losing the respect of your own friends. Others will buy into their stories because they are THAT good! So BEWARE!

I feel the neccessity to warn the world of these freaks. There are too many deep dark secrets being held out there. Too much damage being done. Too much mystery surrounding their dis-ordered world. Too much embarrassment preventing victims from speaking out. I say fuck that! Shout it out! Our silence only empowers their kind to do that much more damage in our world:

If you are single and searching or perhaps caught up in an awfull relationship that is driving you insane: Make it your New Year's resolution to become educated about Ns. There is plenty to learn here in my Blog along with the WWW and lots of great YT vids. Feel free to leave comments, tips and links.

Thank You,
Chuck Fasst

Friday, December 20, 2013

Murdered: Mary Jane Longo

Take a look at this pic: She Is Missing ... again. Her family will not be celebrating the holidays this year. This is an anniversary of the night her and all of her children's lives were snuffed out by a murdering N in 2001. Although this is a time to celebrate Xmas and ... Birthdays - there are some things that should never be forgotten. Watch this vid and take the time to read my story - it is a long one.

Mary Jane Longo

Do Narcissists ever come to a time when they finally face up to the nasty things they do? I explored this in the story I wrote those years ago. Some regard me as some kind of a lunatic as I press on about this Dis-order. Take the time to educate yourself a little bit and then tell me if I am off the mark.
I have never released pages of his writings that I have been holding for 10 years. He sang a different tune back then. In my article I attempt to go into his head and a dark and murky place it is. It is a place you want to get away from as quick as you can! At the end of my story I say that I will write more. I have not done that. I don't know what I will do. Click the link below for the full article:

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OK. Ten years have gone by and due to recent events in my life I find myself back in the world of the Ns. Here is the writing of a Pschopathic killer, Christian Michael Longo, in his own hand. If you can magnify - you can read. It has become faded and my old eyes aren't what they were back then either. This has not been published before. So, for those who are curious here is one page of many.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Narcissistic Injury

Narcissistic Humiliation and Injury!/photo.php?v=10152078958833044&set=vb.50634038043&type=2&theater

Everything you Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link:

Narcissists are one-state machines, programmed to extract Narcissistic Supply from others. To do so, they develop early on a set of immutable routines. This propensity for repetition, inability to change and rigidity confine the narcissist, stunt his development, and limit his horizons. Add to this his overpowering sense of entitlement, his visceral fear of failure, and his invariable need to both feel unique and be perceived as such – and one often ends up with a recipe for inaction.