Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Narcissists love blabbers

In the beginning the N will butter you up. Then they will proceed to fill you full of fake garbage!

They will mine the deepest depths of your heart and soul - Then use that intel to destroy your heart and soul, if they can.

WARNING to all Singles Out There

WARNING: Fortunately most folks don't need to see this however there are many singles, no matter what age, who owe it to themselves to at least be aware that these creatures are out there. Not only can they slice your heart and soul into ribbons but they can really ruin your life in a number of ways that you would not expect. Now be advised that there are some of these freaks that can take yourentire life. And these might often be the ones that you would least expect. This is no joke - we see this played out in all these crime movies, psychological thrillers and dramas all the time and that stuff is the real deal!

These CGI figures in this short vid may seem somewhat funny looking and cartoonish. People who produce stuff like this generally have a good reason to remain unseen. But the message they send is most assuredly, REAL.

The sad part is that most people who need to see this kind of stuff - never see it. They will keep their heads buried in the sands of ignorance. Such is life. But if you know of someone who needs to become more educated on this material then, by all means, SHARE this link to the Vid above:    Or just SHARE this Blog to FB etc, by utilizing the buttons directly below. Thank You

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Raving on the Internet: Sometimes the rage of it all becomes overwhelming and spills out onto the Internet. Here we have a typical example of many that can be found over at AnUpturnedSoul's blogsite
The Path of the Narcopath
"Path" way. Well that certainly is a new connotation on an old word. Yet again ... never would have thought of that one. Twilight Zone however, oh yes that is familiar. That is the living hell that has defined my life for the past couple of years. Dealing with a whole set of other monsters that were drawn into the scene and continue to ruin what is left of my life long after she is gone - the long arm of the law along with all the corruption anyone could ever imagine. I have not seen hide nor hair of the N since the night she went out of her mind and there was nothing but fire in her eyes and a Narcissistic rage. Until last night that is .... She has emerged from her hole. She is done ruining the former friend of mine who is actually one of the lamest pothead, stoner dudes I've ever known. Dumb and boring as a rock. Nothing at all like her - but Narcissists are not particular, we all know this.
Oh yeah, a huge knockout, drag down fight earlier in the evening. She has wasted another couple of years and wrecked another man. I was warned of the breakup. Doesn't take her long to recover. After close to 2 yrs of not seeing this witch even once ... now she is back out in the club amongst the humans who once knew us as a couple. It has only taken her a couple of hours to get back in action. She's on her feet, standing up in front of everyone, her wicked ass swaying to the beat of the music like old glory. The single guys - all the same dudes that we knew as a couple are gathering around the fresh meat. Forming a barrier around her. I am out and they are in.
She senses my prescence and turns around, for a moment our eyes lock. A hint of a smile curls up from one corner and she turns back. I know what look was on my face - the same look everyone has been seeing for two years. I have not touched a woman since. Hell, I don't even know what to do with one anymore. No decent one wants to be with one who is as damaged as me and that's a fact that needs no explanation. I go to my friend and tell him to not let me say one word to that slut. If he sees me anywhere near her, he is to come pull me away ... I have too much to lose - I know what that thing is capable of.
 Which one will be the lucky one, for she will fuck another one soon and bring him back into the turmoil left behind just a few hours earlier. Yes, she will make that last dummy suffer much more through ths triangulation. When you are a drama queen it is always funner to drag another man into the relationship and let them have at it while playing little miss innocent. The covert N you spoke of .... oh, they are very, VERY good at it  :-(  That was done to me twice by her. The last one had been a friend from my old car racing days. Now a few months short of two years later - her and that schmuck are going at it. I'm sure that rube has been suffering plenty for the last year! Here we all are in our 50s and well, now .... 60 for me - and this kind of crackhead lunacy is going on? Honor, integrity or any kind of ethics? Nope, no sign of any of that!
God knows I've been wallowing around in this twilight zone long enough. The one that came before twelve years ago should have prepared me for this one. Yes I have had two Ns ruin me. I have no excuse.  I looked up "Evil" and was surprised to see that it includes bad luck, because that sure as hell came my way in the form of the long arm of the law. Never drive from a bar in a strange town after midnight. I know things are  going to get worse for me.

She is livin' the life, out searching new sources of supply. Gonna make a new start yet again just as she has done before and before and many times before. She will bring a new victim in and morph into the personality she needs to get the job done. And all will be as it is meant to be. Me - I continue to carry a kind of rage I never could have imagined. My life remains desperate from day to day. The so-called authorities are just a step away. I am not allowed many normal things the rest of us take for granted. My freedom as a U.S. citizen (and Veteran) has been restricted down to almost nothing. The threat of dire punishments are held over my head. Can't go into all of that. What did I do to deserve all of this. I never broke the law. I just continued to try to hold onto a Narcissist longer than I should have. I knew better and I was even warned. But you know how it can be. They come with a high price tag. Eventually  the time comes you realize you were sold nothing but a bag of rancid garbage all wrapped up in a pretty container. I only hope that someday someone will throw that garbage out with the trash ... and it will be done.

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Around 12 - 14 yrs ago when I had my first goround with the N-World. I was online everyday day with a diverse assortment of posters from all around the world. That was Sam's old Suite 101 forum. Times were different then. There was very little of that tribal knowledge out there. That site was a gold mine. I have info filed away from that site that would be very enlightening to people now. I hope to get to a point where I can share it one day. But we could always tell when an N came into the picture. They had a distinctive way of writing - kind of disjointed using words that might be slighly altered in their spelling or using words that were not quite appropriate for the sentence. And of course their train of thought was off. Maybe nowadays they have become more sophisticated in their writing abilities.
My last N could write well enough. She was plenty smart like they all are. But during the tense times (you know, once the devaluation set in after about a year)- we absolutely could not communicate with emails. She read in different and negative meanings to everything I tried to say to her. I finally had to tell her this would have to stop. We would have to communicate by voice. But it is like you say - They all think that our thinking is as twisted as theirs. They only have themselves as a frame of reference.

When I first met my N. I was very surprised to learn she had intimate knowledge of Narcissism. She had gone into therapy with a women who determined that her boyfriend at the time was a N. I thought Wow. Holy shit! Here we were, 2 N-survivors brought together by some divine force. Hahaha OMG. She would go on to talk of others who were N according to her. I will never forget the horror of finally realizing 2 yrs in ... finally admitting to myself that it was time to call an N an N. Yep she didn't like that ... But I continued to hang in there with her ... hoping for a miracle I guess. I would accept a certain level of abuse in order to save our valuable relationship and partnership in life. But of course she just escalated the abuse.  After all with all the damage she had done, how could she do any worse? Hah! She would go on to do such horrible things that I'm damaged permanently. Then I would get schooled on true wickedness and downright evil. We are well into our 50's. Getting pretty late to start all over in life. What a waste of life.