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N is for Murder: Articles From The Past on Murdering Narcissists

N is for Murder: Articles From The Past on Murdering Narcissists

It is time to ressurect my articles at from ten years ago. At the time, I was writing about murders in the news. What was written then is every bit as relevent then as it is now. The main difference is that there are more Ns in the world now and more people are aware of what NPD is all about. In some of these I attempted to go into the heads of the murdering Ns and try to think like they think but that is a dark place to go. If you can spare the time, give a few of them a read and come back for more. You can sign onto my email list here on this page:
NPD Column: A Man in Love With His Own Image
TheSearcher (Member) - published: March 21, 2003
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My main reason for publishing these articles is the same now as it was then: to alert the world of the danger of Ns. Some are saying the President of the United States is one! See other posts in my Blog for more on that.

NPD Column: The “N” Nature Of Our Enemy 03/26/03
TheSearcher (Member) - published: March 27, 2003
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Most of my friends think I have completely lost my mind. But I know there are many thousands of you out there that think otherwise. Sadly, it seems that you have to have direct contact with these creatures before you can even have an inkling of an idea as to what they are all about.

NPD Column: Saddam & Son's Regime
TheSearcher (Member) - published: August 16, 2003
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Ted Bundy was one of the worst serial killer Ns. Jan. 24, 1989 was his execution in Fla. Now is his 25th. Anniversary. Here is my article from 10 yrs. ago:
This is a piece of fiction I wrote some years ago in attempt to get into the heads of these twisted, murdering freaks and try to learn how they think. A daunting proposition indeed. One needs to keep a close eye on that abyss. Here I tried to re-create his final days of freedom based on the writings of Ann Rule and others. Click below:

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Murdered: Mary Jane Longo

Take a look at this pic: She Is Missing ... again. Her family will not be celebrating the holidays this year. This is an anniversary of the night her and all of her children's lives were snuffed out by a murdering N in 2001. Although this is a time to celebrate Xmas and ... Birthdays - there are some things that should never be forgotten. Watch this vid and take the time to read my story - it is a long one.

Mary Jane Longo

Do Narcissists ever come to a time when they finally face up to the nasty things they do? I explored this in the story I wrote those years ago. Some regard me as some kind of a lunatic as I press on about this Dis-order. Take the time to educate yourself a little bit and then tell me if I am off the mark.
I have never released pages of his writings that I have been holding for 10 years. He sang a different tune back then. In my article I attempt to go into his head and a dark and murky place it is. It is a place you want to get away from as quick as you can! At the end of my story I say that I will write more. I have not done that. I don't know what I will do. Click the link below for the full article:

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OK. Ten years have gone by and due to recent events in my life I find myself back in the world of the Ns. Here is the writing of a Pschopathic killer, Christian Michael Longo, in his own hand. If you can magnify - you can read. It has become faded and my old eyes aren't what they were back then either. This has not been published before. So, for those who are curious here is one page of many.

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Dr. Sam Vaknin & Dr. Phil

A little about Dr. Sam Vaknin and a little about Dr. Phil

I just had to repost this vid from Dr. Sam Vaknin. In it he uses a word that I have used to define the enigma that surrounds the multiple personalities of the Narcissist: "Shapeshifter." This HAS to be THE most difficult aspect of the Narcissist, for people with normal minds to understand. Their uncanny ability to COMPLETELY reshape their persona and leave the other one behind as if it is nothing but a shell - is mind bending for those who are close to them.!/photo.php?v=10151686900701504&set=vb.50634038043&type=2&theater

Normal people accept that someone can be either evil or nice but it is difficult for them to grasp that there are those out there who can take the qualities from one end of the spectrum to the other - instantly! We see the Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde personalities played out in the movies but we refuse to accept that it is real even when it is right in front of our face. Why, for one reason - it is scary!

How does Sam know so much about this? He is N. I have been familiar with him for over 10 years. And believe me - he is a Narcissist - one of the few in the world (if not the only) who can speak out with this kind of insight. Why does he do it? Because it feeds him. Read his stuff, he explains why.

There was a recent episode on Dr. Phil. A wife of over 30 yrs. was going out of her mind. Her husband had completely altered his personality after his Dad died. He became evil. And proceeded to do and say things that destroyed everything they ever had. He called it a midlife crisis and claimed he absolutely could not understand why he did all the awful things that he did. She was at her wits end. This behavior was right out of the N's playbook: A Narcissistic injury resulting from the loss of a significant other. I'm not going to explain what that is here. Sam explains that very well in his book.

But I will mention a thought of my own here. In some people there seems to be some kind of a latent Narcissism that lurks deep inside of them (or maybe just under the surface) for most of their lives only to suddenly erupt out of them in force at the passing of a significant other or some designated event occurs. And this is another area that is far too complicated to explain here. And believe me when I say - this reaction has little to do with grief - it is some other power which is yet to be adequately explained by anyone!

Dr. Phil HAS to know of this. And that angle SHOULD have been explored! I am not going to delve into all the particulars of this episode here. I'm sure I won't be the only one speaking out about this. But the bottom line is that Dr. Phil ends up sending the poor wife off to a ninety day program. And doesn't do damned thing for the dude who caused the WHOLE debacle in the first place. He just leaves dude free to cavort around with his new lover while the wifey is off in a program. WTF!

Oh but she is forbidden to have ANY contact with her new lover. NOTE: Upon further review, I will hold my opinion on the results of this episode at this time. On they are saying that the husband, Danny will also be participating in this program. I guess this is another case of you had to be there.

Here is the link to Dr. Phil

NOTE: I would like to add this quote from Sam to help clarify what he means when he talks of "PNS:" The processes of obtaining, preserving, accumulating and recalling Narcissistic Supply take place in the Pathological Narcissistic Space (PNS). This is an imaginary environment, a comfort zone, invented by the narcissist. It has clear geographical and physical boundaries: a home, a workplace, a neighbourhood, a city, a country.

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Narcissists and our Future

Narcissists and our Future

Again Dr. Vaknin delves into the depths of what Narcissism can mean to our society. Straight from the horses mouth. Yes Sam is an N. But not unlike all other Ns - he speaks to us from his mind. And his mind works a little differently from the rest of ours. Sometimes that can be very enlightening. so, here is my question: What kind of a future does humanity have?

To see more earlier articles in this Blog, click "2013" under the Archives over on the right.

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Narcissistic Injury

Narcissistic Humiliation and Injury!/photo.php?v=10152078958833044&set=vb.50634038043&type=2&theater

Everything you Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link:

Narcissists are one-state machines, programmed to extract Narcissistic Supply from others. To do so, they develop early on a set of immutable routines. This propensity for repetition, inability to change and rigidity confine the narcissist, stunt his development, and limit his horizons. Add to this his overpowering sense of entitlement, his visceral fear of failure, and his invariable need to both feel unique and be perceived as such – and one often ends up with a recipe for inaction.

The N-World ... BEWARE

 The N-World

I am posting another one of Sam Vaknin's links here because he says it so well. Most regular people cannot understand the stuff he writes but I get it pretty good. Of course his info is coming straight from the horse's mouth shall we say. After all he is most certainly the first authority on the subject of Ns. Given there are all kinds of Ns in the World. But pretty much ALL of them share a certain subset of personality characteristics. That is of course, the reason for the label of NPD.

Here Sam speaks of the place I call the "N-World" that special little place where all "N-Victims" are dragged, kicking and screaming, into.

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The N-World ... BEWARE

 The N-World

I am posting another one of Sam Vaknin's links here because he says it so well. Most regular people cannot understand the stuff he writes but I get it pretty good. Of course his info is coming straight from the horse's mouth shall we say. After all he is most certainly the first authority on the subject of Ns. Given there are all kinds of Ns in the World. But pretty much ALL of them share a certain subset of personality characteristics. That is of course, the reason for the label of NPD.

Here Sam speaks of the place I call the "N-World" that special little place where all "N-Victims" are dragged, kicking and screaming, into.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What is Narcissism?

This  vid is a bit clinical but it conveys a decent depiction of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. However there has been an additional survey of 35,000 done recently. Ns comprising 1 % of the U.S. Population has since increased to 6%! Rattle that around in your brain for awhile. Is that something like a 600% increase??? Are Ns increasing exponentially in our population?.

Veteran's Day: What Does It Mean To Serve


VETERANS: What Does It Mean To Serve  In This Day And Age?            2013

Now there is a question that can be a real conundrum for me depending upon the mood I am in. In the present day, we have the NSA tapping into our phones, social media and spying on all of our allies around the world. We have security cameras everywhere monitoring our comings and goings. We have drones under development that will be able to fly right through our open front doors in the coming years. I don’t know how many others have been following this but in the military news we have two Admirals and the Director of the National Intelligence Agency being relieved of their duties in a scandal in Singapore involving corruption and prostitution. We have a long list of naval commanders who have been relieved of their commands for doing some of the most outrageous things that would drop most people’s jaws.

On the larger front we find ourselves facing an enemy that raises the bar on Malignant Narcissism to new heights. They could care less if they annihilate the entire world and everything on it, all in the name of their God. When it comes time for battle, these cowardly foes will hide behind or sacrifice every innocent man woman and child they can find. Most Americans want nothing to do with any of this – it is so awful! But they are there all the same – on any given day and on a new day… They can be here! This much we have learned.

And what about the US government these days? Narcissists do not play well in the same sandbox and there are far too many of these types in our government. They are gutting the U.S. Constitution along with the American public. I don’t give a damn about party lines. There is No Way, Congress can come to any kind of lasting consensus when there are so many more individuals pulling for their own self-centered agendas. So we have the United States government hobbling along, held together with Band-Aids.

As I sit here alone at a Red Robin, partaking of a free hamburger, I try to reflect on what it means to serve one’s country. All this attention being paid to Veterans Day is a recent phenomenon. I’m no war hero. I didn’t go “in country” during Vietnam, I served my time at sea on ships. When we came back, it was not even cool to be us. We melted into society as quickly and as quietly as possible. And that was that.

Now, we have all these celebrations and free meals. So I usually try to partake in that and think about duty, honor, integrity and stuff like that – not so easy for me to do nowadays. I look around me these days and I don’t see much of any of that anymore. Those who do try to stand up for the right things will often find themselves vilified and ostracized. Oh there are still plenty of people around who know what those words mean. I guess sometimes it is all about the company one keeps.

I look around me and I see a new generation – a digital generation, young people raised up with a gadget in their hands. A generation of people who have “cyber relations”. They make love to a person without ever even seeing them. They do not even have the desire to fuck anymore– or even drive a car. What does all this mean? Hell if I know? Is this what I served my country for? Hell if I know?

There is a new Portland War Memorial being built which harkens back to a rapidly disappearing generation of people who pulled together across an entire nation. They did what absolutely had to be done to save our country and the better part of the rest of the world from a horrific enemy. Like one WWII war veteran said – otherwise all of us would be speaking German right now. It won’t be long before the very last WWII war vet is gone. And with that, I fear will disappear the last vestige of a certain part of the human spirit that the coming generations will never even be able to comprehend.

I kind of liked one post I saw put up on Facebook by Mike Smart that had to do with what it means to be a Vet. It goes something to the effect that you sign an open check to Uncle Sam - payable with your life. As this ever increasing malaise of narcissism spreads across this digital generation of automatons that we are breeding takes hold – how many of them will we be able to count on to step up and put their names on the line? Another scary thought – how many more of them can we expect to worm their way into positions of power in the government, big business, Hollywood, religion and indeed our military?

And I am certainly not about to let my own generation off the hook. We survived but we certainly did not get everything right. There are plenty of us that completely missed the boat when it comes to stuff like integrity and honesty and stuff like that. There are women running around who will fuck any man they feel like whenever the whim strikes them. if a man comes their way bearing tidings of love they will destroy that and go fuck the man’s friends and then manage to turn him into the villain as they cut his heart out, make it into sliced salami which they then proceed to feed back to him through the gaping hole. Such are the uncanny powers of these creatures. And they are way too damned old to be doing deeds like this - but they do it anyway! Hah, maybe the new generation of automatons will take care of THAT behavior! Sorry if I offend anyone, what I write here is not meant to make anyone happy – it‘s just to say what it is. Where do these freaks of nature come from – broken families, bad parenting, genetics? Hell, I don’t know!

But they can’t hold a candle to their male counterparts who are all over the place. What I am describing here is the changing of the tides in modern-day society. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all of these narcissistic types I have been describing here were able to put more effort into not destroying those who love and trust in them and instead put more work into the survival of our species?

So, did I serve my country for all of this? I dunno, I guess so. Am I proud of it? Uh, well maybe I’m again more interested in saving my own ass for the few measly years my old ass might have left. But If the opportunity came along to unleash a can of wakeup-ass in the halls of Congress - I believe I would want to take that and run with it.

In closing I should at least mention our most formidable enemy. That is Mother Earth. Why would I say that? After all isn’t Mother Earth supposed to be the one who sustains us. As humans, our so-called, right to life and all of our gods don’t mean shit to Mother Earth and the forces beyond. The human race has not treated her so nicely and she is rebelling against us. Will humans ever get to the point to where we can slow down the destruction of one another before we end up destroying the planet that sustains us?

Don’t worry – be happy. It’s a nice concept but it’s time has passed. It is coming up close to the time to where all the Sheople might want to start thinking about who’s gonna save their asses when the shit hits the fan. If us humans don’t get our shit together, all this other stuff I’ve been harping about in this diatribe won’t mean shit anyway.
‘nuff said

While we are ranting here, this is another post from last year. When you get a bunch of F******d uu Narcissists in Government - crazy shit like this happens. In the military, we referred to this sort of thing as FUBAR:

In a message dated 9/12/2014 4:59:40 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Sometimes death doesn't look all that bad to some of us. Sometimes Vets who are terribly injured kill themselves .I am going to rant about this other thing. A few years ago I was a US Merchant Marine. I went on a secret mission on a US Navy ship, one of the fastest on the sea. Our mission was to deliver a load of MRAPS to the Persian Gulf. If you do not know what I an MRAP is - look it up. These fighting vehicles had just been built and were designed to protect our fighting men and women from all of those devastating IEDs that were blowing them apart over in Iraq. This mission would take us around the world.
At the time I was proud to serve our fighting forces in this manner. The idea was to reduce the killing and maiming. And here we are today, those MRAPS have come back to this country and whoever the idiot sticks are in our government have busied themselves distributing them to cops all across the country. Hundreds and hundreds of them are now in cities from coast to coast.
We had underwent an important and hazardous mission through the Persian Gulf and then the Pirates in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. Yes, you may have seen the movie. I was also on a Maersk ship. At one time I took pride in the importance of it but no longer. I don't know who these complete idiots are in the Pentagon that have allowed this to happen. What are all of these police agencies going to use these MRAPS for? We already know what they are being used for and what on earth do police agencies all across this nation need with thousands and thousands of bayonets. These f****** idiots who are in charge of this program have distributed 12,000 bayonats to police agencies everywhere. What are our police forces going to be using all of this for?

Now senators are aware of this and are conducting an inquiry. But why in the hell would this ever be allowed to happen in the first place? There used to be a time when the police were servants of the public. Now they have become the lackeys of Big Brother and it makes me sick.

It is because of many of these idiots up there (and a whole lot of other damned good reasons) who are calling the shots and wield so much power over all of us, that I have lost complete faith in my government and I am ashamed for the faith I once had in it.

After talking to this one young Vet the other night it is clear that many of them know a lot more about what is happening over there than any of us will ever know. When they come back many of them are carrying a lot of weight on their shoulders just because of the knowledge that they have. I dare say, the kind of knowledge that young Americans should not have to deal with. And they should not be dying over here in our f***** up country in greater numbers than they are dying over on foreign soils. Vets are dying of suicide every single day in this country!
So there you have it.
I made some vids while I was over there. For those who may be interested, here is one:

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  Here is a big long article for you:

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