Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dr. Sam Vaknin & Dr. Phil

A little about Dr. Sam Vaknin and a little about Dr. Phil

I just had to repost this vid from Dr. Sam Vaknin. In it he uses a word that I have used to define the enigma that surrounds the multiple personalities of the Narcissist: "Shapeshifter." This HAS to be THE most difficult aspect of the Narcissist, for people with normal minds to understand. Their uncanny ability to COMPLETELY reshape their persona and leave the other one behind as if it is nothing but a shell - is mind bending for those who are close to them.!/photo.php?v=10151686900701504&set=vb.50634038043&type=2&theater

Normal people accept that someone can be either evil or nice but it is difficult for them to grasp that there are those out there who can take the qualities from one end of the spectrum to the other - instantly! We see the Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde personalities played out in the movies but we refuse to accept that it is real even when it is right in front of our face. Why, for one reason - it is scary!

How does Sam know so much about this? He is N. I have been familiar with him for over 10 years. And believe me - he is a Narcissist - one of the few in the world (if not the only) who can speak out with this kind of insight. Why does he do it? Because it feeds him. Read his stuff, he explains why.

There was a recent episode on Dr. Phil. A wife of over 30 yrs. was going out of her mind. Her husband had completely altered his personality after his Dad died. He became evil. And proceeded to do and say things that destroyed everything they ever had. He called it a midlife crisis and claimed he absolutely could not understand why he did all the awful things that he did. She was at her wits end. This behavior was right out of the N's playbook: A Narcissistic injury resulting from the loss of a significant other. I'm not going to explain what that is here. Sam explains that very well in his book.

But I will mention a thought of my own here. In some people there seems to be some kind of a latent Narcissism that lurks deep inside of them (or maybe just under the surface) for most of their lives only to suddenly erupt out of them in force at the passing of a significant other or some designated event occurs. And this is another area that is far too complicated to explain here. And believe me when I say - this reaction has little to do with grief - it is some other power which is yet to be adequately explained by anyone!

Dr. Phil HAS to know of this. And that angle SHOULD have been explored! I am not going to delve into all the particulars of this episode here. I'm sure I won't be the only one speaking out about this. But the bottom line is that Dr. Phil ends up sending the poor wife off to a ninety day program. And doesn't do damned thing for the dude who caused the WHOLE debacle in the first place. He just leaves dude free to cavort around with his new lover while the wifey is off in a program. WTF!

Oh but she is forbidden to have ANY contact with her new lover. NOTE: Upon further review, I will hold my opinion on the results of this episode at this time. On they are saying that the husband, Danny will also be participating in this program. I guess this is another case of you had to be there.

Here is the link to Dr. Phil

NOTE: I would like to add this quote from Sam to help clarify what he means when he talks of "PNS:" The processes of obtaining, preserving, accumulating and recalling Narcissistic Supply take place in the Pathological Narcissistic Space (PNS). This is an imaginary environment, a comfort zone, invented by the narcissist. It has clear geographical and physical boundaries: a home, a workplace, a neighbourhood, a city, a country.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Narcissists and our Future

Narcissists and our Future

Again Dr. Vaknin delves into the depths of what Narcissism can mean to our society. Straight from the horses mouth. Yes Sam is an N. But not unlike all other Ns - he speaks to us from his mind. And his mind works a little differently from the rest of ours. Sometimes that can be very enlightening. so, here is my question: What kind of a future does humanity have?

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Narcissistic Injury

Narcissistic Humiliation and Injury!/photo.php?v=10152078958833044&set=vb.50634038043&type=2&theater

Everything you Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link:

Narcissists are one-state machines, programmed to extract Narcissistic Supply from others. To do so, they develop early on a set of immutable routines. This propensity for repetition, inability to change and rigidity confine the narcissist, stunt his development, and limit his horizons. Add to this his overpowering sense of entitlement, his visceral fear of failure, and his invariable need to both feel unique and be perceived as such – and one often ends up with a recipe for inaction.

The N-World ... BEWARE

 The N-World

I am posting another one of Sam Vaknin's links here because he says it so well. Most regular people cannot understand the stuff he writes but I get it pretty good. Of course his info is coming straight from the horse's mouth shall we say. After all he is most certainly the first authority on the subject of Ns. Given there are all kinds of Ns in the World. But pretty much ALL of them share a certain subset of personality characteristics. That is of course, the reason for the label of NPD.

Here Sam speaks of the place I call the "N-World" that special little place where all "N-Victims" are dragged, kicking and screaming, into.